An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a modern instrument and well-proven methodology when companies sell tokens in exchange for funding and to upscale the service. Anyone wishing to participate, in their turn, are given access to all possibilities of the projects being funded. The advantage of the ICO is that it allows the community to participate and be involved in the process and be directly involved in the early stages of development. It’s a good idea to avoid much slower traditional funding ways and therefore it’s an opportunity for startups to speed up their projects realization.

 Issuing Blockaura tokens

Those who wish to participate in the Blockaura project can do so using Blockaura tokens. During the Pre-ICO and ICO process, Blockaura plans which will be used as a payment method on the Blockaura foundation services.

Why we are doing the Blockaura  ICO

 We’ve chosen to hold this ICO because we really want the community to shape the industry of future with us. You will be able to support our innovative ideas that might get traction over time. You are not only given a chance to help the campaign develop, but you can take part in the cutting-edge project we believe in. We hope that our concept will bring changes and will be crucial in enhancing the whole Blockchain industry.

The Blockaura foundation is a real business with the native and well-proven model. It is the business that aims at the rapid and stable growth. During the project implementation, our team will report on the workflow, including the achievements and funds spent

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