Little wonder that Blockchain continues to be in the headlines, even one step ahead, as the interest in this technology is increasing exponentially. Technology is currently gaining a lot of popularity. It was invented by cryptographer Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and then went online in 2009. It has come a long way due to its ability for trustworthy record-keeping across industries. Thus, in all fields, not only IT or banking, the possibilities to maintain secure records with Blockchain are immense. That’s why business today is exploding with action in terms of adoption and the entrepreneurial interest in Blockchain is heating up. Business leaders are constantly talking about Blockchain technology’s huge potential for facilitating the workflow. But due to the relative complexity, as it frequently happens with emerging technologies, we observe companies finding it hard to implement Blockchain and therefore reap the benefits. Moreover, Blockchain represents the latest buzzword, which is increasing its active use not only among the Fintech people but everyone involved on the global level. Still, Blockchain is remaining primarily within the competence of researchers. And it must be changed. And that is where the Blockaura foundation comes into play with its ultimate goal to increase Blockchain usability.


Blockaura’s ambition is to create a foundation that allows you to work with Blockchain today and take advantage of it. Blockaura is the world’s first foundation providing an infrastructure that is aimed to easily integrate any BlockChain into business and enable using the smart contract in everyday life without any code or difficulties. We strive to make this technology accessible to everyone. The cutting-edge project BlockAura due to its rapid development gives promises to become a trend. Our win-win strategy is driven by a solid foundation, that’s why we believe that all parties can benefit from the features Blockaura can offer

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