BlockAura Blockchain

Blockchain Built For Security Tokens

BlockAura will primarly delegate important contract functions to implement foundational layers required to ensure regulatory compliance and institutional confidence, better enabling security token creation, issuance, and management.

BlockAura will allow to create trusted parties with its blockchain which allow to establish a cryptographically-proven single-source-of-truth for token metadata and the security represented by each token.

Transforming Security Token Experience

  • Issuers
    The BlockAura Blockchain will enable issuers to reduce costs, save time, and offer a higher quality experience for investors.
  • Investors
    BlockAura will streamline the investment experience for investors on a transparent and secure platform leveraging the advantage of BlockAura’s blockchain.
  • Regulators
    BlockAura Blockchain will allow security tokens to be jurisdictional and regulatory compliant for their smart contract and continues to evolve as the security token market matures and regulations change so that your token can adapt to meet those changes..