This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • January 2020

    Initiation of the research in the field of blockchain to adapt for security token.
    Study on Regulatory Body for Security Blockchain required mandate laws.

  • Q3. 2020

    Whitepaper and Research started for Blockchain Requirements & Development

  • Q4. 2020

    Developers and Partner Support Gained.

  • Q1. 2021

    Litepaper Release for BlockAura Blockchain.
    Whitepaper Release for Blockaura.
    Finalization for Token Launch Platform – Binance Smart Chain

  • Q2. 2021

    BlockAura Token Development Work Initiated.

  • September 2021

    BlockAura Token Deployed on Binance Smart Chain
    BlockAura Token Pair created on Pancake Swap
    200,000.00 TBAC locked for Liquidity on Pancake Swap
    Airdrop for TBAC started

  • December 2021

    Airdrop for TBAC completed

  • Q1. 2022

    BlockAura Blockchain Development Work Initiated.

  • Q3. 2021

    Launch of BlockAura Blockchain testnet.

  • Q4. 2022

    Launch of BlockAura Blockchain Mainnet.
    Launch of First Security Token on Mainnet.